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nynex web chat launched

nynex web chat launched
nynex live help launched

nynex web chat launched
Already sent us a meesage?

Communication should be effective - and fast. In our environment of satellite communication a short line to the customers all over the world is necessary and an instant answer is needed in most cases.

From today on, visitors on our webpage can start communicating with us using the green link on the left on your browser page.

Live-Chat: How it works

To simplify communication with our customers and partners we implemented LIVE HELP.

As you can see on the left side of the browser, a green icon with live_help is visible. To start the communication with nynex, click on that icon and just enter your email address, your name and the topic/question/request in the appearing small menu - after a few moments, you are connected to the right nynex team member to get an answer or a reply.

It takes only 15 seconds to start chatting without signing up at all.

Give it a try - and just send us your new project requirement, your modem activation request or any other message ...

See you soon online!

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