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VNMS - iDirect web monitoring

VNMS - iDirect web monitoring
Modem details

VNMS - iDirect web monitoring

What is vNMS ?

With help of this new and unique software tool anybody who creates an account will be able to monitor and manage all his iDirect modems.

Each modem comes with a number of different statistics, graphs and data. Additionally every user can create his own customer and provider databases with the needed contact and address data. These customers and providers can be assigned to your modems which you add to this interface. It’s also possible to make connections (customer or provider) to other users of the system. Within these connections, the users are able to pass their modems to each other. Furthermore a Google map, a dashboard and many other features are implemented to have an overall control over your iDirect modems.


To monitor one of your iDirect sites you need to install a small client on your iDirect modem. This client is sending all the necessary data to a server. After the installation you will get a token (a 40-digit random string) from the installer which identifies your modem on the server. With this token you can add this modem to your account and afterwards you can monitor it. Everybody who has the installer and access to the modem can readout the token. If the modem changes its owner, a new token can be generated and the old owner will not be able to monitor the modem anymore. Every modem which doesn’t send data during a specific period will automatically be deleted from the server.


First of all you need to create your own account on https://vnms.nynex.de. After the registration an
email with your user ID and password will be send automatically to your registered email address.
When you are logged in to the system, you are able to download the installer for your iDirect

Quick startup guide:

1. Register an account
2. Login in to the system
3. Go to menu item "Downloads"
4. Download and open the installer
5. Follow the instruction of the installer
6. Read the manual for more details


vNMS manual

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