KA Band, 31° E

HYLAS 2 Beam 26

The HYLAS 2 satellite carries 24 active Ka-band user beams and six gateway beams. The Ka-band spot beams are providing two-way communications services to facilitate high-speed delivery of data to end-user applications such as corporate networking, broadband Internet access, business continuity services and video distribution. Using the HYLAS 2 spacecraft, NYNEX will provide its data and video services to Eastern and Southern Africa, Eastern Europe and the Middle East. In addition, the spacecraft is equipped with a steerable spot beam, also operating at Ka-band, which will be able to provide coverage anywhere on Earth that is visible to the satellite.


Required Transceiver

Launch date:
Launch mass (kg):
Model (bus):

GEOStart-2.4 Bus

Skyware, Globalinvacom

Transmit frequency range:
Receive frequency range:

29.510 GHz – 29.980 GHz
19.705 GHz – 20.195 GHz

Required Modems

Required Software Version

Newtec Elevation Series (EL470)
iDirect Evolution X1
iDirect Evolution X3
iDirect Evolution X5
iDirect Evolution X7

Evolution > IDX3.x

Required Dish-Size

> 98cm KA Band dish