17/01/2011/ government/ military

Military solutions

As any military man knows, efficient and effective communication means efficient and effective control over the units. This can be extremely important in areas where proper infrastructure is lacking or can’t provide the required standards.
Nynex offers plenty satellite based solutions such as point to point and multipoint communication, aware of the high security requirements. Those solutions are reliable, flexible and allow fast deployment if required. We can cover a reliable, efficient and effective solution for troops in bases and off the beaten track.
We believe that communication between military sites is highly sensitive and needs to be protected and not allowing a third party disclose its content.

Satellite communication has the outstanding advantage from the perspective of security compared terrestrial links, because Nynex Satellite links interact independent of the local infrastructure for use in most areas.

Nynex has implemented and is maintaining several satellite terminals on military sites, this including Iraq and Afghanistan. Our technological expertise vast experience will help to ensure that you will achieve high level of satisfaction while improving the operational efficiency of your site.

• Coverage available (W6, EB4a, NSS12 Ku, T11N, W48, W2A)
• Flexibility -stations can be moved or changed at any time
• Availability – independent from local infrastructure
• Security – inspection of information exchange can be prevented by using adequate encryption tools
• Reliability – Nynex can assure most strict SLA demands, and if required, can design a completely backed-up solution based on several satellites at each location.