NYNEX now accepts bitcoin as new payment method for simple and efficient money transfer

NYNEX announces the acceptance of bitcoin as a new method of payment for their valued customers.
Managing Director and CEO Andreas Buxbaum explained: “With the process of currently striving to maximize the efficiency and customer satisfaction, NYNEX has taken this step in order to provide a new simple and cost-efficient payment method for our business partners all around the globe”.

How does it work?
Bitcoin is an electronically created and held cryptocurrency. In contrast to traditional currencies, bitcoin works decentralized. Hence, it is not government-controlled and therefore no subject to sanctions.
East to set up and use
Blockchain technology
Small transaction fees
Fast transaction
If you are interested in this method of payment, investing in crypto currency or if you have any question about our services, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time: sales@nynex.de


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